Front for Building A Movment

Building A Movement Mindset

September 2023

The purpose of this guide is to help CSOs and others change organisational culture and practice to better understand and support social movements so they can achieve systemic change together. 

This movement mindset guide comes with a toolbox (The Building a Movement Mindset Toolbox) that is not just about theoretical concepts; the toolkit guide is a roadmap for action. It is designed to empower CSOs to adapt their organisational culture, practices, and strategies to better support social movements. 

By embracing a movement mindset, CSOs can become genuine allies, catalysts for change, and driving forces behind the collective pursuit of a more just, equitable, and transformative world.

This guide is created and authored by the Global Social Movement Center (MOVE) which supports social movements directly through regional hubs as well as engages CSOs and others in becoming better movement allies. ActionAid Denmark, Global Platform El Salvador, ActionAid India, ActionAid Nigeria & TCDC, provided particular support to this guide, leveraging more than a decade of experience in supporting youth-led activism and social movements globally and nationally.