Toolbox: Building a Movement Mindset

Toolbox: Building a Movement Mindset

February 2024

In a rapidly changing world where transformative change is more essential than ever, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and themselves at the forefront of advocating for social progress and justice. To truly drive systemic change, CSOs are increasingly recognizing the power of aligning with social movements. This shift requires more than just collaboration – it demands a fundamental transformation in mindset.

The concept of a "movement mindset" embodies the ethos of collective action, grassroots empowerment, and shared values. It encompasses the understanding that social movements are dynamic forces that drive change from the ground up, and CSOs have a unique role in supporting and amplifying their impact. Building a movement mindset within CSOs is not only about fostering partnerships but also about adopting the principles and dynamics that propel social movements forward.

In this toolkit guide, we delve into the core elements of cultivating a movement mindset within CSOs.

There is also a guide connected to this toolbox, read more about the Building a Movement Mindset guide here!