Learning and Development Cycle


March 2024

Facilitating for political change is a key cornerstone in the work carried out in and around the GP’s. Combining the two terms “political” and “facilitation” in an approach to learning would seem to be a paradox, as both terms disqualifying the other. Per definition facilitation practices are meant to be as objective as possible, and a facilitator is supposed to be an empty vessel with no opinions, who applies skills and tools to bring out the opinions of the learners. 

For this same reason we are trainers, not facilitators, at the GP’s. Whereas a part of our overall aim is to facilitate learning processes where our participants learn and acquire new tools and opinions, we also have a political agenda and an overall objective we are working towards which goes beyond the training room, and which demands of us to be:

“Enhanced impact of young people as drivers of change towards a more just, sustainable and democratic world, by empowering young people, organisations, and youth-led movements to organise, act and connect across social and geographical borders.”